Joshua Church is on a mission to free humans from the shackles of modern life. Joshua is the co-founder of Edge Theory Labs where he and his cousin built the world’s first “iceless ice bath” with built in filtration, hot-tub mode, and a portable design that fits into a backpack. Joshua leads workshops, retreats, and unique experiences to share the mindset, tools, and tactics to help ambitious people operate as a more happy, healthy, and successful human beings. He also hosts the Find The Others podcast and is passionate about cultivating growth through community. Joshua was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2024 and completed his first full Ironman Triathlon in 2023.

Chad Sonkin is the Head of Growth for Edge Theory Labs.

Today on multidimensional:

  • 9:55 – The secret to keeping your big dreams alive
  • 19:23 – When you’re not willing to settle for a lifetime of climbing the corporate ladder
  • 24:36 – What Joshua & Chad see as each other’s biggest strengths
  • 30:18 – Leaning in to your gifts & manifesting things quickly
  • 43:44 – Why it’s so important to fail fast & fail often
  • 49:15 – Finding the balance between mental toughness + flow
  • 1:00:07 – Vulnerability as a catalyst for growth
  • 1:04:55 – The power of choosing your challenges
  • 1:17:22 – The only step that matters is the next step
  • 1:31:41 – How to live your life so that you can expand time
  • 1:40:00 – Building the relationship between your soul & your vessel

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