Acclaimed filmmaker and triple-time Emmy nominated TV editor, Roger Nygard, has a brand new documentary (and accompanying book), The Truth About Marriage, just released this past Valentine’s Day.

Roger Nygard is perhaps best known for his acclaimed documentary Trekkies, about the most obsessive fans in the Universe. Nygard’s previous documentary, The Nature of Existence, addressed the impossible subject of the world’s philosophies, religions, and belief systems. Nygard has also directed television series such as “The Office” and “The Bernie Mac Show.” His work as a film editor includes “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The League,” and Emmy-nominated episodes of “Who Is America?” and “VEEP” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Nygard has made several other award-winning films, including the car-salesman cult-film, Suckers, and a profile of UFO fanatics, Six Days in Roswell, and now the documentary The Truth About Marriage, accompanied by The Truth About Marriage companion book.

In this episode of Christina The Channel:

  • 7:50 – How Roger got started in the film industry & his process for creating documentaries
  • 16:40 – Resolving conflict and understanding what your partner needs
  • 22:15 – What to know and do before you commit to marriage
  • 32:40 – When you want to choose a marriage contract vs. a lesser contract of commitment
  • 35:50 – The evolution of marriage, monogamy, and polyamory
  • 45:30 – Reigniting passion and understanding the masculine/feminine energy of your partner
  • 54:20 – How to approach “the crisis of choice”
  • 59:30 – How much conflict is normal and the best way to handle arguments
  • 1:21:20 – Why “love at first sight” happens

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