In today’s solo episode, Christina is recapping the messages she received during her 3-day rest period. She shares the clarity she’s gained on her mission and purpose, what it means to be a lightworker right now, and also unpacks the experiences she’s been having during astral travel.

In this episode of Christina The Channel:

  • 9:40 – The importance of rest after channeling, psychic work, and during ascension
  • 18:20 – The clarity Christina’s received on her mission and who her work is meant for
  • 30:50 – Why we need to use our voices and break through the programming
  • 36:50 – The role of guidance and responsibility during awakenings
  • 40:45 – What Christina is doing during astral travel & the beings she is channeling

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Connect with Christina:

This show is produced by Soulfire Productions

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