Today, Christina dives into the topic of soul purpose and soul mission. She recaps key themes that came up during her Soul Purpose Retreat, and shares what the guides have to say

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 3:45 – How the type of mission we have now differs from previous generations
  • 8:32 – Why you should pay attention if you feel like something is missing
  • 15:14 – First step to finding your soul purpose: stop judging yourself and your feelings
  • 19:08 – Where you might be overlooking the key to unlocking your mission
  • 23:33 – Christina’s biggest takeaways from her Soul Purpose Retreat
  • 34:19 – Why it feels scary for us to live as our most authentic selves & live our mission
  • 41:01 – A question from the guides: where are you looking for gold stars?
  • 44:36 – The reason Christina made a promise to herself that she was never going to convince people again
  • 50:16 – Ways to expand your bubble and unlock new possibilities
  • 58:38 – What to expect as you get pushed to live your mission

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