Today, Christina is recapping the first part of her trip to Tulum. She set out with the intention to heal, and that’s exactly what Christina has been receiving through sound, energy, and healing from her Guides.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 5:15 – The healing Christina’s experiencing in Tulum
  • 14:50 – Downloads Christina received at the beginning of her trip
  • 26:30 – What the energy of Tulum has brought up for Christina
  • 33:00 – Spirits and energies that have come through
  • 35:30 – What was cleared through the sound and energy healing Christina received
  • 43:30 – Messages Christina received and shifts she’s making in her life
  • 48:55 – Physical issues that arise as the planet is shifting and supporting your vessel
  • 58:00 – Visiting the Tulum ruins

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This show is produced by Soulfire Productions

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