Daniele Della Valle is a Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Founder & CEO of Your Wellness Academy™️, Co-Founder of WellnessCon, Author of Happy Weight, Public Speaker, Nutrition Education Program Writer, Instructor and Mentor.

Having worked in the food, beverage, retail and service industries for the past 20 years, Daniele has had an invaluable experience that greatly contributes to her now profession as an FNTP, CEO of YOWA™️ and Instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association. After Daniele transitioned into nutrition she was hired immediately with a medical Keto clinic as the principle nutrition specialist, helping the company to rewrite and train on their national menu. Knowing her resources and flexibility with clients was limited, she went on to open a private practice so that she could dig deeper into chronic conditions.

Once Daniele started to notice the body image issues and diet obsession she wrote Happy Weight. Hoping to reach a wider audience with her message she started a podcast, and became a public speaker and educator. Once she got deeper into what she felt was needed in the wellness industry YOWA™️ was born. She is also the creator of the Sacred Feminine Academy. She is now connected all over the world inspiring people and wellness professionals.

Her love to heal and be of service to others is clear when you meet her, her heart knows no bounds. Daniele’s hope is that she can work hard to help everyone feel validated and supported through every aspect of their journey to health and wellness.

In this episode of Wellness Realness:

  • 11:06 – Why Daniele is passionate about body positivity, normalizing taboo topics, and stepping outside of labels
  • 21:20 – Daniele’s progression from working in a weight loss clinic to starting her own healing practice after connecting with the metaphysical side of life
  • 32:15 – How to know if you’re a heart grounder and tools to use to support yourself
  • 38:00 – What it means to be a Death Doula and advocate for death positivity
  • 46:20 – Why we need to change our relationship to death and connect to the fear behind it
  • 52:35 – Elevating marginalized voices: the connection between privilege and overcoming death anxiety
  • 58:50 – Who works with Death Doulas, how you can become one, and things to consider before going through the training

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