Today, Christina is breaking down actionable steps you can take to manifest your life partner!

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 3:20 – Attracting in your life partner by feeling versus thinking
  • 7:55 – Step into the most authentic version of you & release what is lowering your vibration
  • 18:40 – Showing up as your full, truest self without adjusting who you are
  • 25:00 – Action steps for healing your relationship with masculine & feminine energy
  • 28:30 – Empowered vs. wounded masculine/feminine energy and how each shows up
  • 37:50 – How to practice being vulnerable and honest with yourself & others
  • 44:20 – Reflecting on & integrating lessons from past relationships
  • 49:45 – Being clear in how you want to feel in your relationship dynamic

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