Chase is a powerhouse of purpose-driven energy. He co-hosts The Medicin Podcast with his childhood sweetheart and current soul match, Mimi. Chase’s passions have led him through a work history at first in the financial industry and eventually in the health and wellness space. Along the way, he has experienced his own personal roller coaster ride of downs and ups as it pertains to his health, relationship, and spiritual life. In his mid-late 20’s he hit physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual rock bottom before committing to getting to the root of the issues. After a complete lifestyle overhaul, that included divorcing and eventually reuniting with the love of his life, Mimi, Chase now focuses on the cultivation and creation of deep, conscious relationships. Relationships with your partner, your community, the earth, your body, and your purpose.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 16:15 – Where to start in exploring spirituality & embodying masculinity
  • 23:30 – How Chase created a positive feedback loop to implement change in his life
  • 29:40 – What it means to be in the Divine masculine & resources to help guide you
  • 38:30 – Being more available for love & a safe space for the feminine
  • 41:40 – How to take the lead with women in a grounded way vs. being aggressive or passive
  • 44:10 – How to navigate friendships when you’re on different paths & finding new friends
  • 56:30 – What to do when you feel unfulfilled as a high-achieving individual
  • 1:02:40 – Ways to ground into the present moment & open up to emotional vulnerability
  • 1:16:00 – Independence versus codependency & helping your partner move into their feminine
  • 1:34:00 – The benefit of establishing check-in times with your partner

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