JJ Palmere is the founder/owner of Plantsbasically, a vitamin/supplement company he started in 2017. JJ has a background as a professional BMX athlete who has filmed many video projects for various sponsors throughout his career. The turning point in his career was when he herniated two disks in his low back that he then self-healed without modern medicine. This made him passionate about holistic health and helping others achieve the same results. JJ’s mission is to spread awareness about becoming self-sovereign individuals, embody the best physical, mental, and spiritual versions of ourselves, and return to nature as best we can while living in the modern world.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 5:10 – Get to know JJ
  • 14:22 – What led JJ to start his company
  • 17:20 – Holistic health and natural healing journey
  • 21:55 – Practices that help heal herniated disks
  • 25:10 – Diet and lifestyle changes
  • 27:50 – Going through different diet shifts
  • 30:30 – JJ’s experience as a vegan in the BMX community
  • 32:15 – Negative effects of being vegan
  • 35:15 – Ancestral eating
  • 44:00 – What is Shilajit used for
  • 49:55 – Different ingredients and benefits of Plantsbasically products
  • 1:05:50 – Biggest personal growth lessons in JJ’s journey


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