It’s time for the February energy update! Christina & the guides share what you need to know this month. The major theme for February is wrapping things up, closing cycles, and releasing what is no longer serving you. Allow yourself to go through this process, because on the other side, more of your gifts will turn on.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 4:44 – January recap: wild awakening experiences, ego deaths, & psychic gifts turning on
  • 12:23 – February numerology: completion, closing cycles, & the process of letting things go
  • 15:54 – Stepping into your personal power: release things that are not in alignment & anchor into your independence
  • 24:25 – Christina’s realizations around transitions & stepping into a new version of herself
  • 33:38 – What it looks like to invite in more of the energy of family in your life, instead of attaching those frequencies to one person
  • 35:43 – How you can turn on more psychic abilities, when you release what’s not serving you
  • 39:46 – February is a good month to take a social media detox, so that you can rediscover your own beauty
  • 45:00 – Your guides are going to be talking to you a lot through animals this month
  • 48:43 – Focus on getting back into your body, finding peace, & lovingly releasing things that do not bring you pleasure
  • 52:24 – Don’t be afraid to step into the unknown
  • 55:07 – Whatever you need to wrap up this month, it’s going to lead to big expansion on the other side

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