Today, Christina answers some listener questions about relationships and soulmates.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 8:52 – Why you should clean out your house & get rid of things
  • 20:25 – What it looks like to release relationships from a low frequency vs. high frequency place
  • 23:41 – Where you might be interpreting situations from your own wounds, conditioning, & insecurities
  • 27:52 – The most important thing to pay attention to when you’re navigating relationships
  • 35:29 – The reason so many soul contracts are ending right now
  • 38:16 – Reminder: you can’t miss what’s for you
  • 44:52 – The difference between a relationship that drains you vs. one that challenges you
  • 47:41 – Why you don’t need to explain or justify it when relationship dynamics shift
  • 52:45 – Questions you can ask yourself to determine if a relationship is no longer resonant
  • 59:26 – What the guides want you to know: trust yourself

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