Today, Kaylan joins Christina to talk about her new book, The Codes of Divine Love! Christina shares her story of channeling this book, and what it has activated in her life & her relationships.

Today on multidimensional:

  • 0:20 – The power of event experiences and being brought into the vortex
  • 14:52 – How to set yourself up to get the most out of any experience
  • 22:29 – The exact process Christina goes through when she’s channeling a book
  • 34:03 – What was activated for Christina as she channeled The Codes of Divine Love and then read it back
  • 42:18 – What it looks like to complete the contract and go through a conscious uncoupling
  • 59:03 – How contracts with life partners can play out & the value of commitment
  • 1:06:09 – Why it’s so important to put soul alignment and authenticity before everything else in relationships
  • 11:12:42 – What it feels like when the contract is up & why breakups don’t have to be messy

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