Today, Christina updates you on some changes she’s making in her life, and she shares specific things she does to ground herself during the rebirth process.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 2:33 – Energy update: we are going to reach new layers & levels of understanding that everything is energy
  • 8:57 – The big change coming up with Christina’s living situation
  • 16:50 – Living a soul aligned life: are you going to walk the talk?
  • 21:28 – Why it’s so important to set up a structure that allows you to be flexible
  • 27:16 – What it looks like to live in the present moment & be a creator
  • 35:46 – The biggest thing we have to overcome right now
  • 43:55 – Specific steps to take as you go through the rebirth process
  • 50:37 – What the guides want you to know right now

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