Today, Christina and the guides talk about the changes that are coming up right now with relationships and living situations, and how to recalibrate when you’ve outgrown those containers.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 6:52 – Moving update & a common misconception about living an intuitively led life
  • 9:31 – What it means to outgrow the containers you’re in and how to find clarity
  • 18:05 – Exactly how Christina built trust in her intuition – even when it felt uncomfortable
  • 23:48 – The reason you need to pay attention to sound frequencies
  • 29:21 – How to fully open up and embody the rose frequency
  • 33:29 – What to expect as the north node shifts into Aries energy
  • 38:16 – Divine inspiration wants to come through: align with the right environment & calibrate your containers

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