Christina is back with the update that we’ve all been waiting for! Today’s episode is all about Christina’s move – why she moved, how she moved, and everything that she’s learned in the process.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 6:25 – The energetic reasons behind why you might be feeling called to move or travel
  • 13:00 – Why people get triggered when you make a huge life shift and why you don’t need to explain or justify your decisions
  • 25:50 – How to connect with the energy of your home when you’re setting up your space
  • 40:23 – The series of events that pushed Christina to move
  • 50:56 – How Christina used astrocartography and her intuition to decide where to move
  • 1:06:57 – Christina’s thoughts around closing out her old home and the details of her closing ceremony

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