Christina & Teal are back for a live channeling session! Today, Christina channels The Monarch Being, and Teal asks questions about manifestation, trusting that your manifestations are on their way, & receiving signs from the universe.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 0:44 – What it’s really like for Teal to talk the guides & see Christina channelling
  • 7:52 – A big lesson we need to learn this year: focus on energetic shifts rather than the physical
  • 11:09 – Why it’s so important to get to know your true self this year, and continue to adjust your manifestations
  • 13:00 – How our personal transformations will lead to an upgrade in the way we understand and relate to each other
  • 19:24 – One way your higher self is always protecting you: manifestations will not come in, if they are not a vibrational match for your future self
  • 21:42 – Exactly what to do when you’re doubting that your manifestations will come to fruition
  • 30:00 – You can choose to live in alignment with the story that there’s a recession – or you can outsmart the video game
  • 35:10 – Receiving more signs from the universe: be in awareness of what is already around you & don’t second guess yourself
  • 39:09 – This year, you will be in training to fully trust yourself
  • 46:14 – Christina’s reflections: we have to be mentally stronger

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