Today, Camille joins Christina for a live channeling session! Christina channels Archangel Metatron, and Camille asks questions about dreams. They dive into: a new way to understand what it means to be asleep or awake, what’s really going on in the dreamspace, what we can learn from our dreams, and more.  

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 7:39 – Expanding the definition of what it means to be asleep, so that we can shift our relationship with sleep & dreams
  • 12:23 – Spend more time in meditation, to relate to dreams differently & strengthen your dream muscle
  • 14:22 – How to re-label dreams, so that you can easily access & remember them
  • 18:13 – Watching fantasy movies will expand your perceptions, and help you remember what’s happening in other realities & dimensions
  • 22:27 – Blocks to accessing the dreamspace: forgetting your multidimensionality & disconnecting from your intuition
  • 26:13: Tools & practices to reconnect with your body, so that you can listen to the voice of your soul
  • 31:58 – Approaching dream analysis from a space of curiosity and non-attachment
  • 40:50 – What’s really going on when you have nightmares
  • 47:42 – Why it’s important to get comfortable with vulnerability
  • 52:18 – Camille’s key takeaways from her conversation with Metatron
  • 57:07 – Christina’s reflections on channeling Metatron & realizing how much of our language is biased


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