Today, Christina is joined by Camille as she live channels the Pleiadian Council of Light. They speak on ascension and what it takes to fulfill your mission and anchor in the light on Earth. They also share important information on how we can use social media in a positive way.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 1:15 – The subtleties of activations & letting yourself rest
  • 9:00 – Energetic sensitivity & dramatic shifts in relationships
  • 16:40 – How to strengthen your communication with higher Beings
  • 27:30 – Pleiadian starseeds on Earth
  • 34:00 – Fulfilling your mission by being in your highest frequency
  • 39:30 – Following nudges around innovation
  • 42:30 – How education systems will change
  • 45:10 – Transmitting codes in social media
  • 54:40 – Prioritizing play and joy to anchor in the light

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