Today, Christina and her Spirit Guides talk about the highs and lows of social media. She shares her reflections and views about the different platforms and emphasizes that we should use social media the way we want it. We should be infiltrating it and pumping in the vibration we want in the platform. Then, we can use it responsibly and consciously so that we can stay on track and be able to hold our frequency and not fall into the illusions or fear of the things that are going around social media and the world.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 5:10 – Low vibes and struggles with social media
  • 12:00 – Personal reflection about social media
  • 22:40 – Breaking out of the hypnosis of social media
  • 24:00 – Living in the present moment vs. getting sucked into the social media vortex
  • 25:00 – Social media detox
  • 29:10 – Maintaining your frequency and energetic integrity
  • 33:30 – Making the right decisions


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This show is produced by Soulfire Productions

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