Today’s episode features a very special guest – Christina’s boyfriend Andrew! Andrew joins Christina to chat about their relationship, plus he shares exactly what it’s been like for him to experience the Oracle.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 4:02 – How Andrew met Christina – and his first thoughts about her being a channel
  • 18:25 – Exactly what it’s like being in a relationship with someone who channels
  • 24:35 – The inside scoop on Andrew & Christina’s lifestyle and eating habits together
  • 35:26 – Andrew’s favorite practices to stay balanced & connected with his guides
  • 41:57 – The biggest difference between Andrew & Christina
  • 49:40 – Andrew’s experience with the Oracle and what it’s like to witness her in person
  • 1:05:42 – What’s been unlocked in Andrew’s life since connecting with the Oracle
  • 1:13:47 – What Andrew thinks about the Oracle’s personality

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