This week we’re depressed about school starting again, so we’re all over the place with topics. First we discuss the UCLA roommate drama that recently hit the media – here’s the link to an article with the full email:

After that, it’s time to answer YOUR questions. First up, we tackle a tricky situation where a girl accidentally becomes the “other woman.” Should she tell the girlfriend?! Next up, we’re talking productivity and procrastination. We all have different ways of being productive, and we share our best tips. Then we talk JOBS in college. Should you get one? How do you maintain good grades while working?

Then we answer a controversial question – why do hot guys date unattractive girls?! We can only speculate on this one, but we’ve got quite a few ideas. Last up, we’re talking roommate probs again. If you have a nocturnal roommate…NOT COOL.

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