Zaia is an Oracle, Healer, Keynote Speaker, Intuitive Business Consultant, and retired Financial Advisor, who teaches Intuitive and Erotic Intelligence.

Zaia helps entrepreneurs, conscious companies, and public figures harness their Life Force energy as a source of Power from the boardroom to the bedroom. She consults on how to use Intuitive Intelligence to bring scalable business solutions to problems that logic and AI can’t solve alone. She also facilitates erotic embodiment for creative innovation, deeper intimacy, and personal fulfillment…. All in service to leaving a legacy and building a conscious world.

Today on multidimensional:

  • 7:54 – What it takes to go from behind the scenes to being on stages
  • 17:45 – Communicating to make an impact & the responsibility of being a thought leader
  • 29:17 – The parallels between business and relationships
  • 41:18 – How connecting your sacral to your throat chakra liberates you
  • 45:45 – Zaia’s first erotic transmission
  • 52:20 – Practices that you can do to connect to your sacral
  • 57:03 – The power of life force energy
  • 59:30 – Becoming Zaia – oversoul integration
  • 1:16:21 – Tapping into your sexual energy to master manifestation

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