Today, Kaylan joins Christina for a conversation about energetic protection & clearing cords, navigating blocks in business, and the responsibilities that come with your spiritual gifts.

Today on multidimensional:

  • 8:33 – Feeling other people’s emotions & clearing the cords
  • 20:40 – Energy practices you can do when something feels stuck
  • 23:01 – What it looks like to do energy work on your business
  • 32:02 – Exactly how to navigate blocks in your business
  • 38:08 – What it’s like to work for Christina
  • 47:40 – Being specific in business & staying in alignment with the mission
  • 57:30 – Strategies to help you focus & ground when you feel overstimulated
  • 1:04:45 – The responsibilities that come with your spiritual gifts

This show is sponsored by:

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