In this episode, we sat down with holistic health coach Kimberly Petrosino, author of The Small Change Solution: A 52 Step Guide to Getting the Naturally Healthy Lifestyle You Want and Secrets of a Happy Healthy Working Girl. Kimberly gives us some great tips on shifting our mindsets to live our happiest, healthiest lives! We talk morning routines, staying active throughout the day, and prepping for the week. She’s also a pro at turning a bad day into a good one. She helps us figure out how to separate “work” from “home life” so we can actually be present and productive in both of those situations. We also discuss college regrets, following your passions, and staying sane when it comes to our long to-do lists!

To learn more about Kimberly, head on over to You can also find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! We hope you gained some valuable info from this episode – we definitely did.

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