This week we’re gettin’ our zen on and talking all about meditation! We’re very excited to be joined by Lynne Goldberg, a meditation and life coach who created the app OMG. I Can Meditate! In this episode, Lynne talks to us about the benefits of meditation, how it changed her life, and how it can change yours too. She shares her best tips and tricks for getting started with meditation and making it part of your daily routine. She also tells us about some scientific studies testing the benefits of meditation that seriously blew our minds. You’ll leave this episode with a clear plan on how to reap all of the amazing benefits of meditation. IT’S EASY – we promise.

You can download OMG. I Can Meditate! on iTunes, or go to  Lynne was kind enough to hook you guys up with TWO WEEKS OF PREMIUM ACCESS. To get your premium access, just click this link to sign up:

The link is valid until the end of October, 2016, so use it now!

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