Cassie Aurora is a no BS astrologer, reiki master, yoga teacher and holistic trauma coach. She empowers women to heal fully and get unstuck from the root cause of their trauma and shame so that they can live a deliciously abundant, limitless and liberated life. She gives no BS practical astrology updates, wellness wisdom and growth bombs on her podcast, Modern Goddess. You can check out her astrology courses and readings on her website.

In this episode of Wellness Realness:

  • 9:30 – Applying squares and oppositions in astrology charts to relationships
  • 20:30 – Spiritual ego, fake spirituality, and creating a divide between people
  • 26:40 – Empowering people on their personal development journey
  • 39:30 – Cassie’s story of where she started and the process of growing her business
  • 48:30 – Having a container to shift money mindset and overcoming money blocks
  • 58:45 – Understanding the value of your pricing and knowing the client you want to attract in
  • 1:07:55 – Trauma work, astrology, and psychotherapy for deep healing work

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