As part of the 2022 wrap-up series, Christina reflects on the lessons she learned and integrated within herself this year. She hopes these lessons will also resonate with you and help you embody them in the coming year.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 6:45 – Putting energy in the wrong direction will drain you
  • 11:44 – Believing in early signs and trusting your intuition
  • 15:05 – Stop chasing people
  • 17:30 – It’s not your job to make other people understand you
  • 26:40 – Navigating challenging situations and conversations
  • 31:00 – The power of saying NO and focusing on a full-body YES
  • 32:44 – The only thing that can get in your way is you
  • 34:36 – Who you are energetically attached to matters
  • 37:20 – Your whole life can change in a day
  • 42:15 – Trust what you want or don’t want to do

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This show is produced by Soulfire Productions.

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