In today’s episode, Christina dives into the topic of physical illness & physical symptoms. She explains how our bodies communicate with us through symptoms, and how we can start to listen to our bodies & make shifts to align with optimal health.

Today on Christina The Channel:

7:10 – Christina’s perspective on illness, diseases, & ailments

9:12 – How our bodies speak in symptoms to communicate with us

13:32 – Approaching your symptoms with curiosity vs frustration

15:30 – Looking every angle of illness and physical ailments: physical, energetic, & spiritual

24:32 – Health issues coming from soul contracts or past lives

36: 25 – Ascension is a physical process that can bring up physical or emotional symptoms

41:14 – The power of your beliefs, and the importance of energy work for self-healing

46:20 – Christina’s health journey and learning to fully surrender

54:05 – How stress is at the root of everything

57:10 – Releasing low frequency emotions and energetically clearing

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