Today, Christina answers some listener questions about her experience with mold illness. She shares all the details of her journey, plus exactly what worked for her to overcome mold and heal.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 6:20 – Christina’s history with chronic health issues and finally getting a mold and lyme diagnosis
  • 9:12 – Different ways to test for mold
  • 17:25 – Mental health, brain fog, and Christina’s other main signs & symptoms
  • 26:27 – The biggest things that helped Christina heal, and the hardest parts of the process
  • 41:09 – Christina’s favorite products, supplements, and tools for mold
  • 54:05 – How mold forced Christina to slow down and rest
  • 59:55 – What it means if your symptoms are making you feel blocked spiritually
  • 1:04:11 – The most common energetic causes of mold illness

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