Shawn Mynar is a nutritionist, mindset expert, podcaster, online educator, and entrepreneur with a passion for empowering women to live the life of their dreams. Using a holistic, intuitive approach to wellness plus the energetic power of her thoughts, emotions, and actions, Shawn was able to go from a rock bottom low into her dream life full of health, love, success, and freedom.

In this episode of Wellness Realness:

  • 8:50 – Shawn’s health journey, hitting rock bottom, & mindset shift
  • 17:10 – Why supplements and nutrition aren’t enough for good health
  • 20:53 – Body image, autoimmune issues, and inner child work
  • 26:20 – Balancing energy output between personal development time & career
  • 30:50 – How diet culture took hold of the ketogenic diet
  • 40:49 – Shawn’s dedication to choosing self-acceptance
  • 42:20 – How Shawn began positively shifting her mental & emotional space
  • 45:05 – Intentionally choosing to feel better
  • 51:23 – Mindset work as the most important piece for healing
  • 54:51 – Shawn’s mindset shift around her ideal relationship
  • 1:05:31 – Shawn’s daily mindset practices
  • 1:13:18 – How Shawn pivoted in her career

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