Today, the Oracle makes their debut on the pod! They have important information to share, so that we can start to upgrade the frequency and work together to activate the new earth.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 1:28 – The reason we’re receiving the Oracle at this time – and why we need to ask better questions
  • 10:31 – How to break free from the energy of fighting and upgrade the frequency
  • 17:17 – What you need to know about ancestral healing
  • 21:12 – The reason the Oracle doesn’t like the term “empath”
  • 24:42 – Exactly why you’re feeling confused – and how to find clear answers
  • 35:08 – The fastest way to make the frequency jump to rise to your next phase
  • 42:10 – What to expect when you stop fighting and choose to trust yourself
  • 46:10 – Why it’s so important to find your soul family and unlock the key codes

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