Today, the Oracle is joined by Kayleigh. The big theme that comes forward is where we need to simplify – especially when it comes to our food, our bodies, our schedules, and our connections.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 1:21 – The ways that your perception of food has been distorted
  • 6:15 – The real reason your body can’t break down food
  • 10:53 – The ways we’ve turned being a human into an ordeal – and how to get out of that pattern
  • 16:14 – How changing your body can distort your code and block your manifestations
  • 25:09 – Why you should simplify your exercise routine
  • 31:02 – What it looks to be more effective, so that you can have 6 hours a day for yourself
  • 37:55 – What’s happening when someone wants to turn an email into a meeting


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