This week’s episode is FIRE because we’re joined by Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik, the hosts of the Almost 30 podcast — our fave. Krista is the creative genius behind The Hundred Blog (, and Lindsey is an actress and Soul Cycle instructor. We cover literally EVERYTHING in this episode. Lindsey and Krista share what they wish they would’ve told their younger selves, their most embarrassing moments, and how relationships are different when you’re older. We talk about the law of attraction, the power of meditation, why porn sucks, our beef with copycats, how to break up with people, the most annoying thing about 20-year-olds, and more.

For more of these two fabulous ladies, listen to the Almost 30 podcast, which you can find on iTunes! You can find Lindsey on Instagram (@lindsims) and at You can find Krista on Instagram (@hundredblogla) and on her blog, Head to Christina’s blog,, for a full interview with Krista!

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