This week’s episode is a long one, but it’s very personal to me. In this episode I sit down and share some of the journey that brought me to where I am today. I explain how I found the health and wellness space and why I’m so passionate about the issues that I like to discuss on my blog and podcast. I’ve been podcasting for over a year now, and I realized that I’ve never really sat down and told you guys that much about me. I’m hoping that after this episode you’ll have a better idea of why I became a holistic health coach and why I both to blog or podcast at all.

In this episode, I talk about my battle with digestive problems and how I fought within the Western medical system to get the help I deserved. I discuss what it was like trying to become “healthy” in college, and how all of the information in the media led me to do things that really caused my body harm in the long run. I explain how things spiraled into an eating disorder, and I suffered from exercise addiction and orthorexia. I explain what it was like dealing with generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and depression amidst complicated diagnoses, or lack thereof, trying to be my own doctor, and feeling very lost and alone.

The story I tell here was the most difficult time in my life, and I’m truly honored if you take the time to listen!

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