Today, Christina is unpacking how manifestation became a lifestyle for her versus a step-by-step process to follow. She shares her personal process for raising her frequency and doing vibrational work for effortless manifestation and experiencing magic in your everyday life.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 15:10 – Viewing manifestation as a lifestyle by doing root-cause healing and frequency work
  • 21:50 – Coaching, therapy, and brain rewiring for releasing limiting beliefs and raising your vibration
  • 32:30 – Reflecting on and taking personal responsibility for what you attract into your life
  • 37:22 – Energy healing for clearing emotions, subconscious reprogramming, and cutting cords
  • 43:30 – Setting intentions and operating as one with the Universe
  • 46:10 – Awareness of how the content you consume affects your vibration
  • 50:00 – Releasing or creating boundaries in relationships that don’t activate and help you uplevel

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