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This week, Amie Tollefsrud from Rebelle Nutrition ( joins me to talk about MINIMALISM! Amie lives in a TINY HOUSE in Maui and knows all about being a minimalist. She talks about leaving everything behind to move to her tiny house and how she made the transition. We discuss her minimalist wardrobe, kitchen, cooking routine, makeup routine, skincare, workout routine, and overall lifestyle. Amie is a certified personal trainer and NTP, so we also discuss topics like adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, acne, overexercising, and eating disorders. She talks about taking the leap to quit her regular job and pursuing her online business full time. We talk about letting people go, personal growth, and more!

For more about Amie, head over to and follow her on Instagram (@rebellenutrition). For a tour of her tiny hut, head to her YouTube channel: If you’re interested in her adrenal fatigue detox program, head here:!

Head to if you want to pick up our favorite Beautycounter products – the charcoal bar, charcoal face mask, and balancing oil are 3 of our favorites!

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