Today, Christina is sharing how she was introduced to energy healing and the path that led her to being attuned to Ahai 7D energy healing. She also unpacks why we need these upgrades in energy technology and why it’s so effective for business growth.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 10:30 – Christina’s first experience with an intuitive & her reiki attunement
  • 27:30 – What Christina experiences when giving energy healing
  • 31:00 – How Christina was attuned to Ahai & the purpose of 7D healing
  • 44:30 – Why we need upgrades in energy tools & technology
  • 52:30 – What the future looks like for business & using energy tools for greater growth

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Episode Transcription:

Christina Rice: Hello, friends, and welcome back to the podcast. I am here with my amazing biz doula, Kelsey. Kelsey, how are you?

Kelsey Goldstein: Hello, I’m doing great. How are you?

Christina Rice: Great. this. it’s great. Um, yeah, energy has been pretty wild recently. We’re recording this for the end of October and I was actually just talking to Cassie Aurora about this. If you guys don’t know Cassie, she’s been on the show a few times actually, and she is an amazing astrologer and she’s who I go to for astrology readings. Highly recommend her, but she was just saying how, November is astrologically. I want to tune in to see what the guides have to say, but she was just talking astrologically. November is this time of like a lot of action and change. It’s like all around action and things changing really quickly. Basically, for a lot of people, just feeling that kind of like ground break beneath you and then, “Oh, I gotta go over here.” So I feel like I’m feeling that buildup. I don’t know if you’re feeling that too. It’slike weird energy.

Kelsey Goldstein: I mean, October’s been a ride to say the least. So I feel that.

Christina Rice: Yeah, yeah,

Kelsey Goldstein: like everyone has been feeling this one, so I don’t know.

Christina Rice: Yeah, I, I mean, I just can’t believe that it’s almost 2022. I’m excited to do my 2022 update. Anyway, Lots, lots of good stuff. Um, that’s good stuff and we just finished up enrollment for a Ahai, which is really exciting. And uh, enrollment for the Channel Collective is going to open soon.

Kelsey Goldstein: Mhm.

Christina Rice: So uh, that’s the announcement. The Channel Collective will open up again, November 15th, that that’s a Monday, and then we’ll close it Sunday, the 21st. So. If you are interested in stepping into the membership and getting in on all the goods, then now is the time to join. That is the place where I have created a space where you will have all the tools to do your daily, monthly energy work on yourself – to just support your frequency and keep raising your frequency. So for all of you high achievers listening, who like to do your personal development spiritual work every single day and keep your vibe high. All of the tools are in there. These are the exact practices and processes that I personally use. Everything from you know, journal prompts and meditations to all the channeled messages and resources on brain rewiring and human design, and it’s basically an endless resource library. So you’re in a container to consistently do that vibrational work along with the Q&A calls, the manifestation calls, which are so much fun, and then the monthly Ahai 7D energy at healing sessions. So it’s a super high frequency container and people have been manifesting some amazing, amazing stuff. I actually don’t know if I think Paden will be listening to this, but did I tell you what she manifested?

Kelsey Goldstein: No.

Christina Rice: Oh my god, she texted me last week and she was like, “I have to tell you. I’ve been doing everything that you’ve been saying in the membership and I manifested a hundred thousand dollars.”

Kelsey Goldstein: shut up.

Christina Rice: Yeah,

Kelsey Goldstein: that’s amazing.

Christina Rice: and she said she’s gonna record a video with all the details and I was asking, like – you know what she was using? She was like, “I was going to the manifestation calls and I was using what you were posting in the membership and I’m going to record a video because everybody needs to know this because this works.” She was like, “My husband was like, ‘Holy shit, how did you do that?’ She just manifested a hundred thousand dollar check – so that’s some cool shit right there. So anyway, the membership is magical and you can head to to learn more and to enroll when that opens up. so I’m really excited.

Kelsey Goldstein: I still can’t believe that.

Christina Rice: That is epic. That is epic.

Kelsey Goldstein: I mean, I can believe it, but amazing.

Christina Rice: Yeah, I, I can believe it. My life is wild. So at this point, I’m just excited about everything.

Kelsey Goldstein: right.

Christina Rice: So I mean for you, what’s what’s the most helpful tool or resource in the membership?

Kelsey Goldstein: Oh, definitely the daily routines. So this is a relatively new feature for anyone that’s already a member. But Christina has laid out so nicely how to set up your – what is it activating morning routine and your balancing evening routine? And it’s – I love having things like laid out for me like that, and you kind of get to pick and choose each step, and it’s like made it so fun for me to create a routine that I just do every single day and then all the tools you need for the routine are like within the Channel Collective. So your journal prompt, if you want to watch some channeled messages, get some codes in the morning, like I love that – it is a staple.

Christina Rice: Yeah, yeah, just get all the codes to soak in all the goods.

Kelsey Goldstein: Get all the codes – inundate yourself.

Christina Rice: Do your money codes in the morning

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah

Christina Rice: it’s good stuff. Um, Yeah, and that’s the thing, like that’s like a core piece for me of just my daily life. It’s a consistent – I don’t like to use the word work ’cause It doesn’t feel like work – like I, that’s actually what helped me start waking up earlier, because first thing, when I just loved my kind of morning practice, which is exactly what I do, I will naturally now just get up really early and I’m so excited to get started, which sounds so corny but it’s true and I realized. Yeah, I realize that part of why I was like I would wake up and just lay in bed and I didn’t want to get out of bed and I was excited for my day, but it was because I would. I just didn’t like the order of what I was doing things in, and the first thing I want to do in the morning is like talk to the guides. So yeah, that made me more excited and easier to wake up. And now I’m an early bird. I’ve been. I wake up every single morning at 5:55.

Kelsey Goldstein: Oh, my gosh. of course. of course, you do

Christina Rice: Yeah, like before my alarm before

Kelsey Goldstein: 5:55.

Christina Rice: my alarm. So yeah, there we go. 5:55. Um, so yeah, check out the daily practices.

Christina Rice: So what do you want to interrogate me about today?

Kelsey Goldstein: Oh well, thank you for asking. On the topic of how awesome the membership is, and if you’ve been to the drop-in healings, you know, those are like seriously wild. Like I get transported every single time. I always, after, I’m like I went to this – like, I saw alien faces in my eyeballs, like, I cannot make this shit up.

Christina Rice: Well, during those at the end I’m always like, I can’t wait to see people’s faces like, and I’m like, Did ya’ll  just experience that too? Or was that like … That wasn’t just me.

Kelsey Goldstein: My hair is all like dishevelled.

Christina Rice: I know, I know. I love the look when people like, come back, right? And you just look so dishevelled. It’s like that feeling when you accidentally took a seven hour nap, and you don’t know how it happened.

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah, exactly. It’s like, so deep. Oh my gosh. 

Christina Rice: Yeah, Yeah, no, you go some place, you go some place.

Kelsey Goldstein: You do, um, but so, for anyone that’s not familiar with Ahai – or is, but kind of wants to know the origin story. I mean, I know I have a ton of questions for you, just about like how you even got introduced to this crazy form of energy healing. So I kind of wanted to pick your brain today about like, how you even got introduced to reiki and energy healing, and how that kind of evolved into you downloading this brand new form of energy healing that’s available to everybody now.

Christina Rice: Yeah, yeah, so I think I’ve talked about this kind of in different places before, but to put it all together. So I was when I was living in LA, um, not too long after I had graduated from college, and I was um, you know, running my business, and I hit this low again with my health. And it was really, at that period, it was a lot of extreme fatigue and the main thing that was going on was um, the heavy metals in the mold, and I and I didn’t realize that was what was going on and that was hitting me. But I was just in a really really low spot, and at that point I had already been through years of all the protocols and all the doctors, And you know that whole, that whole experience that I’ve talked about before. And I was like, are you kidding again? Because I was just going in these waves of ups and downs, and I would get way better and then get worse again. And, and I had tried everything, and I was open to anything, right? Eastern, Western, I don’t care, just anything that would work. And that was the time when my functional medicine doctor, um, Doctor Lekos, who’s been on the podcast before. Love him, he’s amazing. Uh, Doctor Lekos. I reached out back to out to him and I, you know we like, stayed in touch and one of my best friends, um, does the nutrition and the admin side for his business and stuff. And basically they were just telling me how they started sending a lot more people to healers and intuitives. And at that point I wasn’t really for or against that whole thing. I thought it was super interesting, I was open to it, but I wasn’t into that stuff myself. I was kind of watching people around me, and just being in LA, and the crowd I was in, I was super open to it, but I wasn’t really in it myself. I just wasn’t really in it. And I was like, I will do anything. So I was like, who should I go to? And so he referred me to this intuitive in LA, and they were like, she’s really hard to get in with, so it might be a couple of months. Sometimes, she, you know you apply, and then she will like, cancel it because she only takes you if intuitively it’s like a yes. And my one friend had been trying to get into to see her for like, I think, like eight months or something, and she was like, she keeps not taking me, like she keeps rejecting it every time, and she’s like I need to get in. Um, anyway, so I signed up and I got in super quick. It was my first try and it was, my appointment was only in three weeks and I was like, okay, I’m like a meant to come here. So I go to see her and it was the first time I saw an intuitive and she was like, legit, legit, legit, super powerful, super incredible. Everything she said, I mean it was, I had no idea what to expect. It was a ninety minute session and she was, I didn’t say a single word. And she was very actually future oriented, which I find is very rare to find somebody who’s so specific, future oriented and on point, and every single thing she said to me in that session happened, like she would give me dates times, it was wild. Yeah, and at the time she told me, she goes, even things are now looking back. Like she gave me a timeline with like, I was gonna move to San Diego, and I was going to meet this person and all this stuff. And I was like, I’m not moving to San Diego. I was like, I love LA. You know? Ah, anyway, it was really fun, and even at the time she told me, she was like this business partnership you have over here. This is going to end in three months. This person’s going to leave first. You’re not going to have to do it. And like every single dynamic she was so on point, super super  incredible. 

Kelsey Goldstein: You were converted.

Christina Rice: There was a point. I was like, whoa, this shit is awesome, right? And there was a, but there was a point in … It’s so funny, now I’m thinking about this from a different angle as I’m talking about it. But there’s a point in the session where she started tearing up, and she was like, your soul is so powerful. And she’s like, you’re going to host retreats, you’re gonna write books, you’re gonna be a speaker. And at the time, I’m thinking, in the context of nutrition, and health, right? And I’m like, wow, that sounds exciting. And she’s like, you’re gonna do this, and I was like, what? She was like, like what I’m doing. And I was like ….

Kelsey Goldstein: Your very first session? 

Christina Rice: Yeah, I was like, no. I’m like, you probably say that to everybody right? She was like, no, no, I don’t. And she started, she was crying. Anyway, she also was the one that told me, she was actually the one that brought up hydrogen sulfide SIBO. That’s when I got all down that rabbit hole, and started learning a lot more around that. And, anyway. After I saw her, like anyone, but the first time you see an intuitive, it like, shifts you right. And activates you. It starts this whole process of the, the juice of the awakening, right. I had been like in my dark night of the soul for what felt like my whole life, and here we go. And after that it was sort of like the universe just started talking to me more clearly. And I’ve always had very vivid, clear, detailed dreams that I could remember. I never understood there was a spiritual significance until I started doing this work, but it was shortly after that I had this very intense, vivid clear-as-day dream where this angel came to me, and told me that I needed to study reiki, and like very clear. I remember waking up the next day, I’m like okay, I gotta do this. I’ve never gotten anything so clear in my life. I was, you know, spending my whole life like, someone just tell me what the hell to do. I got a clear directive and I was like, okay, I didn’t even know what reiki, I didn’t understand what it was. I had been around other reiki healers and honestly, I just went along with it, I was like I’ve no idea what this is, like everybody in LA talks about it. But I had no idea. I had no idea what it was. So then I go online and I signed up for some random course and I buy this book And you know, it was like this. this sketchy, it was so weird …

Kelsey Goldstein: Oh my god.

Christina Rice: it didn’t. It didn’t do anything. It was so strange. Um and I had this reiki book. And then and then I, my friend referred me to who I thought was gonna do feng shui to my house, and at this point I’m like I’ll try anything, right? So I thought she was going to feng shui in my house and it was going to heal me. So she comes over and she was going to do feng shui and give me a massage. It’s like

Kelsey Goldstein: Oh, quite the package

Christina Rice: It was like an all, and it was an all-in-one.

Kelsey Goldstein: inclusive.

Christina Rice: Anyway, she comes in and I’m like. as soon as I see her I’m like, oh, my gosh, I know you like I, you know, I don’t know. I know you somehow, and she is so incredible and comes in and she’s kind of looking around and there wasn’t, she actually didn’t really do any feng shui. It was more about the massage. But I lived in the studio and so she walks by my bed and she’s like, she sees this reiki book and she’s like, oh, do you do reiki? I said, no, but I’m supposed to like, I’m trying to learn like I wanna, I think I’m supposed to do this and she goes, oh, well, did you know that I’m a reiki master? And I was like, no, and she’s like, yeah, and I was like, can I be your student? She was like, I mean, I haven’t had a student in like a bit, but yeah, I think I feel good about that. So there we go. And so I met my reiki master and and we, uh, like had the attunement, but it it was also, I felt like such a well rounded spiritual mentorship, like she meant. She went much much deeper than just the attunement, and just going over the reiki principles. And um, she really helped me start to develop my intuitive gifts And that’s just when I started just getting exposed to all all stuff just started opening up and I’m just really grateful for for her and meeting her and how supportive she was and how much she helped me and I’m just so grateful that I got an experience with reiki where it was more like an in depth mentorship, right, because I know a lot of people go to weekend workshops and feel like they don’t even know how to use it or what to do with it, And I loved that this was a longer period of time, more concentrated, like much deeper. And yeah, I’m just really am really grateful that was my introduction to it, and she just taught me so much that I know a lot of people don’t learn it in a lot of traditional training. So that was amazing, and obviously the universe brought us together. And so then I started doing reiki, and I started using myself and I started noticing that I was feeling way better, And then I started seeing clients right? And I, at first it was, I was seeing my practice clients and then I got incredible feedback and I found that, like the main thing that was happening for me when I started when I was doing the energy healing was, I was getting all this intuitive information. Just all of this, it was coming in and I was like, okay and I, and uh, when you do the great thing about practice clients is, it’s just practice right? So they’re not paying and I feel like well, I have nothing to lose. Yeah, no pressure. I have nothing to lose.

Kelsey Goldstein: No pressure. Yeah.

Christina Rice: and there a lot of them were people I would know and I’d be like,  I’d bring specific super specific things up. This age, this person did this, you experienced this like very, very specific things and it would be right every single time. And people would freak out, like, how did you know that? I’m like I don’t know. it just came through. But that allowed me to start building my confidence and I just loved how much information was coming through And yeah, it was just nice to have a low pressure environment. I think that’s really important for anybody developing their intuitive gifts, but I just noticed the more I was doing energy work, the more my intuition was opening up. My body was feeling better, and then a lot of my nutrition clients at the time, wanted to try it or I would suggest it, and I was noticing that people, their physical bodies were feeling a lot better, and I started to realize how much deeper I could go with this right? And so then that kind of like transformed over the next few years, and it was something that I always incorporated with my clients who were coming to me for chronic illness or gut issues or HA, or whatever it was when I was working more in nutrition. Because a lot of the people that would come to me, you know, I wasn’t really getting clients who were on the Standard American Diet. I was getting clients who had been to other practitioners, have really great, clean whole foods diets, or on all these supplements already. Like that type of person is more the type of person that would come to me, and at that point, you know, you hit a certain point where like it’s not about, it’s not about the food. Like, I can’t micromanage any more. In fact, it’s actually causing more stress. And what it’s really about is the deeper trauma and the energetic blocks, and the more I was, you know, working with energy, I was just amazed every single time at  how quickly people would heal or shift, like was straight up magic. It was and I was obsessed. I was like this is real life, Harry Potter. I’m obsessed with this like it’s so powerful. It’s like the super life hack. How do people not know about this? It was. It was insane and my life started to become this like, like I was floating on a cloud, endless synchronicities every day. Signs everywhere, I could say, I could say hey, I need this and the person would pop in my reality. It was just starting to feel so unreal and I was so excited, right? And so anyway, I was um, incorporating that with nutrition clients. I also had an in person practice, that, and that was always interesting for me from a business perspective. I never advertised my in-person practice and it was always really full. Like  I didn’t have enough time and it was always like this side thing that I had, but I never really advertised it anywhere and people just found me and that was so fun for me and cool for me just to see how I had this one business over here that I was very much marketing. And then I had this other business that I didn’t really say anything about, and all of these people would just flood in right? And kind of witnessing, at that point, oh vibrational resonance is real, and when you’re in alignment, people will just come. So that was, that was interesting. But it was funny the whole time is. I mean, and I think this is true for a lot of people. But even when I, when I got attuned, you know the last part of the attunement process for reiki, was, I had to give my reiki master an energy healing session and I remember her telling, me she goes, I don’t think you’re just working with reiki and she, she was like, you know, I’ve gotten reiki from a lot of people and you have stronger like, the energy is stronger for me than I’ve ever experienced, like from other people. Like you, you’re just naturally good at this. And I was like, great, I don’t know what that means right? And people would often say that to me too. Who might see other energy healers and they would say you know, energy like, I really feel the energy. Uh, I think a lot of that really has to do as well with, again, it’s just resonance with the healer right, like, I really believe people are guided to the right person. And when you connect with them that you’re, just your whole experience is gonna be different. Anyway, so I was doing that and it was just becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life, but I think I was feeling disconnected from reiki itself because it was like, yeah, I was trained and reiki, but I never really felt like I was working with reiki. If that makes sense.

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah

Christina Rice: Um, and even just in the like, the symbols you use and all that all that kind of stuff. I wasn’t even doing that, so I just felt like, okay, I’m just going to say this because people know what it is, but I don’t really know exactly what’s going on here. Um, and, man, so that’s how I got into energy healing. And it really helped me, with my body, and my healing, and realizing that the the reason why things were moving was because I needed to get to the energetic route. I needed to move that energy out. And it was just such deep, deep healing, and then seeing that with clients as well, who would just have like, incredible transformations when their  energy bodies were cleared and balanced and supported. And realizing how many physical things people experience that aren’t just about the food, or sometimes you know, just like an emotional outburst. And it’s like well you have this energy stuck here, And it  just, I mean, felt like magic, right, You could like clear this, and we’re good to go. So that was how I got into it.

Kelsey Goldstein: Question.

Christina Rice: Any any questions? Yeah.

Kelsey Goldstein: Yes, As the sender of energy healing like, what is the experience like for you? Can

you tell how powerful it is, like, as you’re in the session? Like do you feel something that kind of indicates that you? Or is it more, you gauge that based on the feedback you got from your clients?

Christina Rice: Yeah, when I first started, when I first started energy healing, I was like I don’t think anything’s happening. Uh, you know, so I didn’t feel, I literally didn’t feel anything. The only reason why I knew things were happening, was well, I think, because I was so stuck on, like I don’t feel anything.

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah,

Christina Rice: And the only reason I knew anything was happening was because my third eye

was, all this information was coming in. It was like very clear, it’s on, and I would get information in my third eye and information about the chakras and things like that in that sense, but I never felt anything. Like I couldn’t feel it, and I was like I don’t know what’s going on here. Um, and it took practice, and the more clients I had, and experience, and for me kind of like, de-numbing myself as I’ve talked about it before, and then I start to feel it. So now at this point, yes, I can very much tell. And so, like I, I think, like the energy, because I’m channelling it right? So it’s not from me, like it’s not mine, but it’s, the energy will calibrate to whatever that person needs, but I can very much tell when someone is responding very well to it. So I can, certain people. It’s like they’re, it’s like a sponge. So certain people, it’s like their body just soaks it up, lights up, and it’s like, give me more, like, it loves it, right? Other people, they need it to be toned down a little bit right? So it just kind of depends on the person. But yeah, I mean, I always like to ask  the client what they’re feeling or how they experience that. But, I can tell from my end too, and it’s like my hands will be so hot, my hands will be on fire and I can just feel the stream, I can like feel the stream of energy. I’m trying to think of. You know if you like if you hold your hand over, I don’t know, like a car grill or something, and you know how you can like feel the heat wave?

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah. Mhm.

Christina Rice: like, I can like feel that. right? And then obviously, I’m also getting feedback from the client and also, I can tell during the session. Sometimes they’ll, like a lot of times people will almost like, float, like can’t put their arms down or can’t put their feet down, or they just start to kind of like tingle. And you can tell …

Kelsey Goldstein: Oh, man, that happens to me …

Christina Rice: like they’re like almost vibrating on a low level. It’s just a

Kelsey Goldstein: vibrating during the energy healing calls. I’m like, my body, what is going on, I’m buzzing?

Christina Rice: Yeah. That’s what it is. It’s buzzing, so yeah, I can usually tell like, yeah, I can tell, and then I like to ask them what they perceive, but the energy will adjust to what they need.

Kelsey Goldstein: So, okay that makes a lot of sense. That’s interesting. I’ve always wondered what it was like on the the giving end as opposed to the receiving end, and I know a lot of people like, sometimes you do feel it physically as you’re receiving it, but sometimes again it’s more like downloads or intuitive information coming through. It’s interesting to hear how it differs.

Christina Rice: Yeah, I mean, I think everybody’s different. I certainly feel it now. Like, I, at the very beginning I didn’t. Right now, I do. And for me it feel it, it literally feels like I’m a rod and there’s like an energy current flowing through me. I feel the whole energy current in my body. In addition to, I’ll feel in my physical body, often, things that other people are. You know, so if I get a headache or my neck hurts, I’m like. I’ll ask, I’m like, is your neck hurt or what happened there? But I feel energy moving through like from my crown down to my root and then out my hands … from my heart space, out my hands. I like feel that, and I see it because I’m clairvoyant. So it’s very, you know, it can be tiring.

Kelsey Goldstein: I know that.

Christina Rice: But yeah, it’s super cool so that’s how I got into it.

Kelsey Goldstein: So at what point then did you learn that this was Ahai? Like when were you first introduced to that as a concept?

Christina Rice: Well, I didn’t learn. I mean, I don’t think it, I don’t know what it was. Doesn’t really matter. It worked. Um, you know?

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah, yeah

Christina Rice: So it doesn’t, but what happened with Ahai was I was attuned too high, So it was a total upgrade and I noticed a distinct shift, so that was, um it kind of felt like a lot of these really intense activations where a couple months before, or not a couple of months, maybe a year before is when, we were like leading into like March, twenty twenty time, right? And my trance channeling stuff just like opened up, popped off and I was like whoa, this is a whole other vortex. And it was like I was being forced into this other path and my guides were like sending me more and more, and I was just channeling so much, um, and, not able to focus on other things. Anyway, so. It was like, deep in that and I was like, whoa, there’s a lot of activations happening there. And then I kind of started getting the hang of that, and then it was like all of these wild spiritual experiences like, happening. I just felt like for the period of like two years straight, it was thing after thing after thing, in the best way, but it was a lot, it was a lot. And and I mean, I had my kundalini awakening. It was wild. And everything was opening up and I was getting more in the in my flow of channeling, and I think that the the clarity in that connection and really getting to a certain point was gonna be key for me to uh, to receive this basically and a lot of work on my aura, and  clearing and cleansing, and balancing and opening and amplifying all of that.

Kelsey Goldstein: Prep work.

Christina Rice: Yeah, I was. I was just riding high on all these wild spiritual experiences,you know, having a kundalini awakening, and then I met my Pleidian family for the first time and I was having like a lot of contact and that was really exciting. Um and consistently, you know a lot of channeling, and a really connecting to these entities in very tangible ways. And then it was Lions Gate and I remember I was like so pumped I was like going to have a night to myself and my guides were like, you need to have, they said, you need to have a sacred channeling session tonight. So start at, like start in the evening, and have at least three to four hours. And I was like, cool, I can’t wait to see what comes through. I thought some juicy shit was going to come through. So I went. I remember I went out and I bought dairy free ice cream, and like, a paleo treat and I’m like I’m going to like have a girls night with myself, and then I’m gonna channel some stuff and it’s going to be a whole vibe. And I set up all these candles and I had my, all my music, and I had my whole like, sacred space set up and I was like, let’s go. I was not anticipating any of this. So you know, I thought I was gonna get information, I had my notebook out, and I’m like all right what do ya’ll want to tell me? So anyway, I’m there. Oh my gosh. it’s just like, it was like out of a movie. It was like out of a movie. So all of a sudden I’m sitting in my apartment, and at the time, was right by the beach, and just all big open windows. It has that kind of feel right? It’s like hardwood floor. All the walls were like huge open windows. That kind of vibe. I feel like that adds to this, and I’m like sitting in the center of this room and

and I call in my guides, you know all that. And all of a sudden I feel like I’m being like, floated up, which was basically me being like risen to stand. 

Kelsey Goldstein: I hope people at the beach are witnessing this through your windows.

Christina Rice: No, they couldn’t, they couldn’t see. No, we’re not, we’re like a street across. Nobody was witnessing, but I and I’m like, I’m thinking, it was like I could tell in my body, like something is going to happen. I’m like, am I going to levitate up twenty feet, and no one’s going to be here to film? I was like holy shit,  but I’m like, I was like sitting on the floor. And then I like, I felt like I floated up to like standing arms out and all around me It’s like the whole room turns white, like it was like bright, bright white light and I’m just surrounded by bright white light. And there were all of these beings that were just pure bright white light. I’m like surrounded by all of

these angels. And for me, with my clairvoyance, depending on the situation, it comes through in different ways, right? So a lot of the times it’s in my mind’s eye. Less often, does it look like

an apparition or a hologram, like right in front of me. And this was like, full-on.

Kelsey Goldstein: In the room?

Christina Rice: I could, I could. Yeah, I was like right there, like, I was like, I think you might be solid, you know? And I couldn’t. I was like, oh my gosh. And all, I just I feel, my whole body is like, vibrating, and that’s just like, holy shit, this is pure love, like I’m like half-way in heaven. It was like heaven was in this room. That’s how I thought I was like, whoa. I didn’t know what was, what was going on, and I’m hearing them talk and I was just feeling all of this love. And the entire room is filled with all these beings and I’m seeing like a core group, kind of around. And they basically told me that they were going to attune me to a new form of energy healing that had to come, that was coming down to this time on the planet for a really important reason, to assist us, and that I needed to write all this information down. And first they were going to attune me, and I was like okay. And so basically there was this package of information, which is how I’ve gotten other big upgrades before. So like a pyramid, like a, like a glowing white gold pyramid, um, with all of these codes and information that was basically downloaded into my crown chakra, and then feeling it all go through my whole body and it was like I could see things unlocking in my body. And I’m just experiencing this whole attunement, and then all all of these angels of activation are coming around, and like, put like right next to me, and like, beaming me lights and and codes. and oh my gosh it was. It was just wild and I’m like, holy shit, this is real. This is like, real deal. This is happening. And the, I think the last time something felt like like I had something like that, it reminded me of some visitations from when I was a kid, but all I knew was something big was happening and it was like really important. And then they, after that whole experience, I’m like crying of like joy, and I’m I’m just it’s like I’m in this huge orb of

beautiful sparkling gold, white light and I’m literally feeling this information come into me like a zip file, and then just like open up and, and then I start to feel my hands just get so hot And it was like my hand chakra was just like blew, open, and it was like, just like white light coming out of my chakras. I was like, It was wild. It was so cool so that all happens, and they’re all talking to me and then they’re like, you need to write all this down. And they’re still around me and they start just giving me all this information. I’m just writing it all down. Half of it I was processing, and half half of it I wasn’t, and I had to go back the next day and like, reread it and really get to the, like, just understand it, process it. But they said this, this energy is called Ahai. This is how it’s spelled. It is a 7-D frequency, it’s rooted in the seventh dimension. This works at the frequency of miracles. That it would help bring far more miracles into our lives, and a big reason why it was here was for DNA activations and upgrades, so that, to help calibrate our bodies to the new Earth, and where we’re going, and help us shift to crystalline, and help us make that shift and to wake people up. And I didn’t realize it at the time. It’s so funny ’cause like now I see what’s going on, but they’re basically saying to help people actually vibrationally override a lot of the

shit that’s in our environments, it’s being you know, put into us, on to us, whatever, and to help override some of those things. And so they showed me basically all of the symbols I needed to use, um, the process to connect to the frequency, like there was like a whole practice process. And then they were basically telling me how to use it and that I needed to start, I needed to start working with this energy, getting used to it and then they would tell me when, um, to share it with people. And you know it was just kind of this whole training. and then, man, there’s just so much, there was just so much information in there and they were saying how important it was and that I was going to help us, reconnect to the divine feminine. Bring back the divine feminine healing energy, and unlock a lot of our innate abilities right? And so it was interesting, because it feels like, yes, it can do a lot of healing work. But why I like it, is it’s such an unlocking amplification energy that to me feels a lot more like what I love. It’s not just about the healing, and the clearing of this and that. Yeah, I could do all that, but for me it’s about expansion. It’s about like literally shifting my DNA …

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah.

Christina Rice: Unlocking dormant DNA. All these activations and upgrades And they’re

basically saying, they’re like, they told me, they said you know this energy will upgrade itself, so-to-speak, so you’re not going to feel stagnant anymore. So because it’s gonna like, shift your body in your energy field when you’re ready for the next activations and levels that will come down to and you won’t feel like the energy wasn’t, isn’t really working anymore, because that’s how I was feeling with some of the reiki stuff. I was starting to feel like this isn’t doing anything anymore, Like I felt just, vibrationally past it and I had been putting together, oh, I need a like a

shot of like really high frequency energy, so I’d realized that, you know, through a lot of different experiences, so I feel like, that those were kind of the puzzle pieces, so I would understand what was going on when this came down, and I came down, and they, they’re telling me all of this. I’m writing it all down. I’m like holy shit. And then the next day, for the next few months, I spent time you know in cosmic school with the guides learning and, being guided and practicing and working on my own field and my own energy body, and just experiencing things for myself And this, what was interesting was, this is the time when my body started to change, my face started to change. Um, and I  was manifesting, like, there’s a distinct period of time that I know a lot of my friends were very vocal about like, holy shit, how are you manifesting all this shit left and right, like, this is when I I called in the house and everything was changing so quickly, and my business just took off on another level. And it was all because I started working with this and I was like holy shit, this is powerful, like it could literally calibrate myself to these manifestations, and then as part of my business coaching at the time ’cause I moved more into business coaching, ah, I include the energy work for for a lot of my clients and I was just hearing feedback. People were saying your energy feels really strong today. What’s different? like people would, my clients who were, who are used to it right there were like, whoa, I feel like that was on another level. I can feel the difference. It was so different for me and then people telling me like, holy shit, I was going to get surgery on this and then I went and my doctor said it healed, or oh my god, I’ve had chronic, you know, hip pain or wrist pain and, they didn’t even bring this up to me right? And they’re like it literally went away right and so I was. I was

seeing a lot of these physical things shift for people really quickly which you know, nothing’s guaranteed, ever. But, I was seeing that enough to be like, okay, this is the real deal, you know? Because after I downloaded it a part of me was like, okay, cool. I feel this, amazing. But like I have to know that other people are getting results or feeling different for me to feel like this is something that I’m gonna bring through. You know? Obviously they were like, well, you’re chosen for this, so you have to. 

Kelsey Goldstein: No choice there, really.

Christina Rice: But you know, I had to go through the whole period myself of like, testing things out, getting really comfortable, um, seeing how it worked and and I needed to see, because when I first started using it, I wasn’t telling anybody that I had was working with a different energy. I was just seeing if anybody would say anything, and everybody did all my clients did. Yeah, so I, and then I was like, hh.

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah, I was going to ask.

Christina Rice: and then that’s when I started thinking, okay, I guess I could start to share this. And I felt really honestly like, uncomfortable sharing it. Because, it just felt like such a big thing and I was like. How do we even say this?

Kelsey Goldstein: Like casually drop it in.

Christina Rice: Just downloaded this thing. Yeah, I, and I’m like this is a big deal. Like, this is like a really big deal And it came down for a really important reason. It. It was like a huge deal and it felt like, I don’t even know how to express this. And it just, it was super awkward for me, you know? But it’s just I was like, my guides were like, you just have to start talking about it because the people who know what it is, are going to resonate and come. The people who need this energy and already are going to come. And I was okay, I’ll just talk about it. And I, also at the time I remember I, this is when I also had a session, I talked with this before, but with my friend Emily, who’s an incredible medium, Emily the Medium, Emily Greene. And I had a session with her. And I remember going to her and I was like, I need this to, just I need this to validate things for me ’cause I just want to make sure I’m not freaking crazy. And I really didn’t say anything that whole session, and one of the things that came up for her, she was like, hmm, this is interesting. She’s like, it’s like you, you brought down this really strong energy technology.

Like this is really important and she started talking about, like how I brought down this energy technology and she’s like, Do you know what I’m talking about? And I was like, yep, um, you know, and I was like, okay, so not crazy. And then I had another recession with one of my coaches at the time, and again, I didn’t say anything to her and she was like, she like, went to my Akashic records and she goes. What did you just download? She’s like, this is a really big deal and I was like, okay, I’m getting plenty of external, like validation, you know? Because I think for me I was like,  I got to make sure this isn’t in my head and I’m you know, but it wasn’t. It’s like a huge deal, and I don’t really know how else to express it. You know? It’s like it’s something that they’re bringing down, needed a physical vessel. A lot of the, opening my channel and communicating with these beings. Like all of that prep work, I didn’t realize that at the time was so that I would be able to hold that vibration and bring it in, bring it down and work with it. You know, I think that this is such an important part of why I’m here in an important part of my process, and just helping more people access this energy. Because, I think we’re realizing you know, many different ways, like, this is about true self sufficiency, and the more we start to work with these energy tools, we have so many tools that can help us heal ourselves, expand ourselves, create the realities we want. And I was just having a lot of fun playing with it myself, and loved hearing the feedback from people. And I was like, this is what I needed. Like, I was feeling stagnant for so long, and a lot of people around me were feeling the same way they’re like, I feel like my energy is just, it’s just not working the way it used to. And that was what the guides were saying when they sent it down. They’re like a lot of people are gonna feel stagnant, because the frequency of planet is shifting and because individuals are changing so much. The vibration that was working before it’s not expanding you, it’s not. It’s not higher, so it’s not doing much, right? And so this is gonna feel stronger and more potent. And you can do a lot more in a lot less time. So, my sessions changed. I realized I can do a whole session that used to take me maybe forty five minutes of energy, like of stuff I was moving through, I could do that in fifteen minutes. Like I could do it really fast and moved through a lot of stuff. And people were feeling the difference. People were feeling like, whoa, that’s really strong and I was seeing the results in my life, in other people’s lives, so it was just faster, more potent. And what I loved is that it just felt like, I mean, I see this, the energy very much calibrates to where the person is  at. Um, and that’s great, right and then, additionally, like, since then it’s anchored in the seventh dimension, but I know I certainly have, and I know many of the other people that I’ve attuned, like I’ve had a series of activations and upgrades, um, for different different levels, different types of healing, so that I don’t get stagnant right? So it’s like just opening up the entire energy body, and um, many different frequencies. So, for me it just feels great because I know I won’t outgrow the energy anymore. Um, it’s just like this very fluid high vibe frequency. So that is the story of how I downloaded it And then there came a certain point where my guides were like, you need to open up attunements. And I felt like it was, I felt like I wanted more time. Um, and I was like, I’ll do it in a couple of months, and they’re like, no now. Like, no, now. So I was like, oh I’ll do it in a couple of months and I was trying to put it off. And then it just became glaringly obvious I needed to do it. So then I did it, and there we go.

Kelsey Goldstein: That’s awesome. I think it’s so interesting because we just entered the Age of Aquarius this year and it’s all about technology, and I feel like there is all this confusion about, like, oh, so that means a lot of our 3-D ways might hold because of the technology and infrastructure and all that. But then, like, people totally forget that energy technology is a thing, and like, I feel like this is the type of technology that’s really like, shifting the planet right now, And that’s like, the phase we’re in. It’s like we need this type of technology to be integrated into our everyday lives, So I just think it’s so cool.

Christina Rice: Oh, totally, I think. I mean in that, that’s like the way of the future.

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah

Christina Rice: You know? not really future. But you look at a lot of these ancient civilizations that really understood how to work with energy that they had. They were far more advanced than us, far more advanced than us. Right? The things that, things that could be done, the healings that could be done, how they were working with energy, sourcing energy far more advanced. And then we lost it along the way. The more we started to become … I think that this really overlaps with, like the calcification of the pineal gland,

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah.

Christina Rice: and a lot of this forgetting that we are energetic beings. And It’s just interesting how we kind of went backward. You know, we have our own advancements. It’s funny because a lot of the like, when I talk to a lot of the ET’s, they always say you know we’re like, we’re actually, I’ll say, like human society is so far behind with our technology. But a lot of beings think it’s impressive how far we’ve gotten with how little of our abilities we’re using, if that makes sense? They’re like, it’s actually impressive what you’ve created, like, it is technologically advanced for how limited we are and how we’re like for people who really aren’t even using their intuitive gifts to the fullest right? They’re just not, they’re just not even letting themselves download the information easily. Um, or sometimes they are, but they’re just not letting that fully come in because there’s so much knowledge just available to us. But, so they’re like, well, it’s pretty impressive. It’s kind of like, you know, wow, you did all that with one with one arm held behind your back.

Kelsey Goldstein: We’re very resourceful.

Christina Rice: Yeah, um, however, but it’s just like, it’s like a joke compared to other groups. You know?

Kelsey Goldstein: Oh my god,

Christina Rice: Where our tech is at, but I think more and more people are gonna realize this in different ways that we can harness energy and create energy and just thinking bigger, and I believe that’s going to drop down in all industries, really, like in all industries, people right now are really downloading, remembering, realizing new ways to to do things, and it’s all about creating the new structures and they’re not, they might not always make sense, and it’s going to be very different than how we did things before. It’s funny, I think about, for example, like the type of business masterminds that I’m in, and then other business masterminds that I know my friends are in, and just like the type of conversation, you know? Where I have one friend who’s in a more, like, most of the people in masterminds, there are a lot of men who run like you know big companies, and they talk a lot about networking, and marketing strategy, and funnels and and these types of partnerships, and it’s all very 3-D right? And then I think about the conversations that I have in my mastermind with so many incredible women with you know, seven, eight figure businesses, and we’re talking about, can we get some more quantum codes coming in? Okay, so how are we going to shift this to calibrate our businesses to this frequency?

Kelsey Goldstein: People are crying.

Christina Rice: Like you know. It’s like it’s like it’s like. Well, it’s like, have you, have you sent energy to that part of the business? Did we clear this? You know? It’s all, we’re literally just doing all the business stuff through the energy work.

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah, I love it.

Christina Rice: like I can’t even imagine talking about a funnel, you know? So, because all about vibrational resonance right? It’’s all about mass balancing energy. And, I think you, know whatever works for you, works for you. Great, that’s more my vibe. But I do feel like, well, I know, that moving forward a lot of this stuff isn’t going to work anymore. Like there’s gonna be a point where, and I think people are feeling this already, because I’m having a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of business owners come to me being like, holy shit, all the stuff I did. I built this entire thing. It’s not working anymore and they have an inner knowing like this is about me, my energy, the energy of the business. And yeah,, I set up all of these whatever type of funnel or marketing strategy right and it’s always worked, and  all of a sudden it’s not. And so, what’s up, right? And what do I do from here?

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah,

Christina Rice: Um, and that can feel really scary, but I think a lot of people are gonna reach this point, and again it’s not just in business, it’s also in health. You know, this is a big one. like the way that we fueled our bodies before, and what was what was resonant and supportive, it’s going to change. You know, the way that will best support our bodies, as well in relationships. I really see relationships really transforming, the way we see romantic relationships, you know, even friendships, collaborations, community, like everything is, is different if we allow it to be. We just can’t be afraid to shift into the new. It’s actually going to feel better and make it easier. But there hits a point where you raise your frequency, and I experience this in my own business, where 3-D stuff literally doesn’t work. Kelsey, you know this, it’s like it doesn’t work like I can build out the most strategic great plan, have it all in place. It’s not going to work. The only thing that works for me, is when I’m working on an energetic level, right?

Kelsey Goldstein: It’s so funny to see. It’s like this stuff that you don’t think about, but you know is meant to happen, like they flood to you. And you’re like, I wasn’t even thinking about that.

Christina Rice: Yeah, yeah.

Kelsey Goldstein: It’s like flooding in and then the stuff that we really try to like nail down the structure, were like running in circles, but yeah,

Christina Rice: it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work anymore, right? Because it’s just it’s not a

vibrational match. It’s not a vibrational match, and like if I have five hours that I’m going to work on my business, I will expand my business so much more if I spend those five hours meditating on it and doing

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah.

Christina Rice: energy work on it, then I will building out the the best frigging you know, freebie email funnel, like anything like that. Like, it’s just night and day and we’re going to see things, just not work anymore. And I have the same experience with my body, I think you have too, where it’s like, what works with eating and exercise? It’s just not a match, right? And

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah.

Christina Rice: So, we have to notice where our structures are really in 3-D. And maybe they are still working when that person is still calibrated to that. But if the business starts to shift, if that person starts to shift vibrationally, we have to use the tools that are calibrated to wherever we’re at right? So, it’s kind of like you know, I’m not going to wear the same pair of shoes that I wore when I was five years old. My feet grow, so I need new shoes, you know? So it’s like that. Um, so think about that too, and I’m sure a lot of people listening to this have experienced this where the strategies they used before aren’t working, or the way they related to people isn’t working, the way that they supported their bodies. It’s just changing. It’s like, why isn’t this having the same effect anymore? And that might be, you know, might be a time to level up. Or even, you know, people in your life, where these might have been the best friends to you for so long, or maybe it’s somebody you worked with, maybe it’s your therapist. I don’t know, it could be anybody right? And you’re like, this has been an amazing partnership and I’m just right now feeling like there’s nothing wrong with that other person. But it’s like my energy is guiding me somewhere else like, I just need something different. And it’s not like, right or wrong, or better or worse than. It’s just. And it’s the same with energy healing right? There’s so many different modalities and they’re all so beautiful and serve such an important purpose. And um, there’s not a better than or worse than. It’s like, what does my body need today? Right? There are certain times when I’m like, I really need this. I respond really well to sound. I love biofield tuning. I love like, sound bowls, and that type of healing. Like, there’s just so many modalities that are so incredible. So and this is also part of getting out of that either or, and realizing, wow, there’s beauty in all of this.  And, imagine if we start to really elevate these tools and use these in more powerful ways. And I think a lot of people have seen energy work in the past as something that was like, oh, I’m sad, I need an energy healer. And it’s not like that. It’s like I use this for my business, 

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah.

Christina Rice: like, I use this for everything, I use this for manifestation. Whatever goals you have, like, what if you could calibrate yourself to that energetically, and just allow it to come in, right? But in order for us to do that, it’s going to require the releasing of this belief that we have to be in a struggle for us to earn it. That we have to work really hard to get there. That the only reason it means anything, is if it was really hard to achieve that thing right? This glorification of the struggle, and making it harder than we need, and getting this sense of self worth out of how hard you worked. And you know, just comparing who who worked more, who’s busier or all of that

like we’re going to have to release all of those limiting beliefs, if you want it to just drop into you right? Because it can happen so so quickly. Like I can sit down and just call into my field whoever is aligned with this offer, and the next morning it will wake up to messages. It could be that easy, but a lot of people don’t let themselves make it that easy. And if that’s you, you might want to think about well where is that coming from? Right? Why won’t I allow it to be easier, where it can be? Because you know what? Life throws you curveballs. and there’s enough stuff that pops up that challenges you. So why are we adding more to that? You know what I’m saying? Like, if there’s a chance for it to be simpler and easier and flow, then why not? And especially with business. You know, I think that there’s this whole archetype and story of building a business, and it’s a hard, intense thing, and you’re in debt to it your whole life, and all that energy. And it’s like, I’m not saying … I mean being an entrepreneur is not easy right? But I mean, I love that it’s not. It’s challenging, right? So, but there are so many places where I used to make it so much harder than it had to be, instead of just enjoying it, and and and loving it. And this is the way that our careers should really be, and where it’s heading, with where the planet is shifting and being in the new Earth. It’s not going to feel like, oh I’m going to work.

Kelsey Goldstein: Like this whole separate part, it’s like all integrated.

Christina Rice: Yeah, it’s integrated, it’s my life. It’s like, this is my passion. This is my purpose. This is my mission. I would be doing this whether or not I made money from it, right? And that was the reason why I was like, I should just make this my my business, because I’m going to be doing this either way right? 

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah.

Christina Rice: This would like, be my hobby. I’d still make all this all this content. I’d still share all this stuff and that’s a really cool way to live right? So it’s just going to challenge a lot of people’s beliefs around, like, can I let myself do it  a different way? And a lot of those limiting beliefs that it won’t work right? Because if you keep believing that it can’t be that easy, it won’t work, oh, not for me. I’m special. That doesn’t work for me, it only works for this person. No, right? Everybody is an energetic being, and everybody can use energy tools.

Kelsey Goldstein: Mhm, Yeah.

Christina Rice: And you’ll notice if you just start to work with your energy body, I mean, even just meditating in the morning, and working on balancing your chakras, that simple thing will transform your life. It will transform your life. It will transform your mood. it will transform your clarity, your productivity. You’ll get more done and less time. You’ll start to notice that it feels

like time shifts and bends, and you’ll see the world in a different way, where you’re seeing all of the solutions, and not seeing all the like, you’re not focused on all the problems. You’re seeing the solutions. Um, and that shifts everything right? So, and, a lot of this is giving us time back, right? And the thing is, that this is very confronting for people. Because if you use the example of a business, or even relationships right?  Where people create drama in their relationships because it gives them some sense of meaning right. But, the thing is that what people do is they’ll be frustrated in another part of their life. And so, because they don’t want to look at that, they start to self sabotage or make things harder or more complicated in their business or their relationship. So they put all their energy over here so that they’re distracted with the drama over there or working really hard over there. 

Kelsey Goldstein: It’s like an avoidance tactic?

Christina Rice: Yes, they don’t want to look over here. So, and, and that’s the thing, if everything in your business felt like flow, and it was simple and you had all this time, and then you’re actually looking at everywhere else, then, what would you have to confront? Oh, do you have to realize I’m not happy with this or I need to release this and I’m scared to really say, or I know that this is my mission and I’m scared to be visible and seen. I’m scared of my success over there, right? What is the thing that you’re trying to avoid, not confront, not look at, by making problems in other areas of your life, or making things harder than they need to be, so that you’re distracted there, right? And I see this happen all the time for people. I’ve done it before, too. It’s like I’ll just create little things in my business, Because if that’s done, complete and I don’t have to think about it, then I got to think about this right? So, to really release these beliefs, it’s very confronting. It’s a really really powerful mirror, but we’re ready for it. you know.

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah, a hundred percent. That reminds me of like everything, an Abundance Accelerator too.

Christina Rice: Yeah, yeah, totally totally. That’s very true. And the book. I’m like so deep in the book right now. Um,so get ready, guys, it’s going to be great. Yeah, that’s how I downloaded Ahai, and I just feel so, I know it sounds so corny, but I feel so grateful, like, it makes me want to cry. I feel so grateful for it. Um, the frequency, and just to like, have the honor of it coming through me, and um, being able to share it with other people, and seeing the transformation it makes in their lives. it’s just so so powerful and, oh my gosh, I mean, it’s like if it feels like, imagine, imagine being in like Harry Potter, like, land, like that that world, and you’re the first person to discover a wand. And you’re like, dude, everyone needs to know about this, like everyone needs to know about it. It’s like, this makes my life so much easier, you know? It’s like,  that’s how I feel, so anyway, I’m just so grateful for it. And the things that it has helped me with in supporting me with, and just the frequency is so so high vibe, so yummy. There’s a reason you know, we say I’m high off the frequency, because you do kind of get high off the frequency like it feels like it can feel like a drug in a way of like, I’m just so high vibe. I don’t want to get off this cloud. And I, I have a lot of clients tell me that, too, I was. I was just talking to a friend who came in for a session, and she’s like, dude, my body has never felt so high vibe, it was so weird, the next day I went out with my friends and I was like, I can’t drink, I don’t want to eat that food. She’s like I’m so high frequency, I’m like floating, like I can’t, I don’t want to disrupt this, you know? Which is so funny ’cause, once you know how good you can feel, you love it right?

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah.

Christina Rice: You don’t want to do anything to disrupt it. So anyway, that’s how I feel about it.

Kelsey Goldstein: Well, thank you for sharing all of the juicy details.

Christina Rice: Did that answer all of your questions?

Kelsey Goldstein: I had like thirty questions, and you basically answered all of them.

Christina Rice: I got them telepathically.

Kelsey Goldstein: You did

Christina Rice: and just answered them that way. Yeah, so that’s the story of Ahai. I have a YouTube video as well about it, that I made a while back, but you can find it there, and more

information about Ahai is on my website. If you go to, there will be a tab up there and you can learn all about Ahai. If you’re interested in getting attuned or any of that, you can find information there. But if you want to receive this energy, want to get a taste of it, I think the best place to do it is joining the membership. The cost of the membership itself is less than what I was doing for just a group healing circle before, so it totally pays for itself just with that one energy healing session, and it’s low barrier to entry. You literally just lay there and you can experience it. So I think that’s the best place to get a taste of it. And this is the reason why I include those every month, and why I have the Q&A calls, the manifestation calls. This is designed to keep your frequency high, and to help you consistently do this energy work and energy clearing, so that you can just really radiate out your signal and be really magnetic. And it makes a huge difference, because I really believe all this is about consistency over anything else. And people ask me, you know, how I made all these shifts with my vibration and with my energy work, and I’m like, it’s consistency. It’s just dedication. So when you’re in a container like that, it helps you stay consistent with it, and you notice the results over time. it’s kind of like you know if you eat one salad and you’re eating a standard American diet, You, you’re not going to get healthy that day. You need to keep eating whole foods.

Kelsey Goldstein: Yeah.

Christina Rice: Uh, so it, it’s a similar thing as well, you know, despite a lot of these spontaneous wake ups, it’s going a lot faster for many people, which is exciting, so I hope this was interesting. Let me know if it was, and if so, take a screenshot and tag me on Instagram at Christina The Channel and a tag at Christina The Channel Pod, the podcast account, so we can repost and say thank you. I always love seeing that you guys are listening, and I appreciate the support so much. I just love our family here. Six years now, Isn’t that wild? I love it.

Kelsey Goldstein: Oh my gosh.

Christina Rice: So crazy. All right, well, that’s going to be it for today’s show. Thank you again, so much for tuning in. Have an amazing rest every day and I will chat with you again next episode. 


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