Brianna holds a PhD in Integrative Medicine from the University of Natural Medicine and is a Clinical Nutritionist with a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. She is also a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN),  an Herbal Practitioner through the Herbal Academy, a Family Herbalist through The School of Natural Healing, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and a Holistic Lifestyle Coach from the C.H.E.K Institute.

Brianna is the host of the Brianna Approved Podcast, which is a podcast for people who like a holistic approach to real science and clinical research on all things nutrition, botanicals and balance. She recently released her Befriending Anxiety Course, a self-paced e-learning course designed for those looking to take a deeper scientific dive into anxiety.

Brianna currently works as a clinician with her private practice which specializes in alternative health and functional medicine.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 8:30 – Raw dairy health benefits over conventional dairy
  • 19:00 – Toxic diet culture with alternative food options
  • 28:15 – Look at ingredients: why most oat milk is trash
  • 31:45 – What to know about the different types of anxiety
  • 40:30 – Becoming aware of where your anxiety stems from
  • 48:10 – Basic nutrients to begin helping your anxiety
  • 51:45 – The brain, inflammation, and lymphatic drainage
  • 1:03:30 – Learning what’s best for you vs. always relying on science
  • 1:14:20 – How relationships & exercise can be pro-inflammatory

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