Entrepreneur Kristen Hinman is the host of the CUT THE CRAP PODCAST: Business Breakthroughs, founder & creative director of digital marketing agency, Peare Media, and about to be a mom of 3 littles. With over 8 years in the PR industry, Kristen experienced first-hand what it takes to move a personality or brand from unknown to known – and did it time and time again. What she realized is that PR and exposure is a powerful tool for exposure and recognition, but the journey doesn’t end with being known…it’s the starting point.

The bottom line is this: If you want to find lasting success, you must channel your momentum into an intuitive, strategic plan that positions you in today’s digital world.

In this episode of Wellness Realness:

  • 12:20 – How to know where to focus your energy in your business
  • 17:13 – Listening to your intuition vs. a fear response
  • 28:15 – Creating a strong foundation for connecting with prospects and customers
  • 32:10 – The benefits of using sales funnels
  • 36:10 – Why you need to be consistent with providing value and giving a call to action
  • 40:28 – The importance of utilizing data when using paid advertising like Facebook
  • 49:00 –  Why you want to build an email list

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